Friday, June 17, 2011

Custom blog design giveaway

blog saye xcantik....pastu macam mane nak cntikkan blog??xretila.....xde mase...malas....huhu.....sume la.....jadi...makenye....dengan itu....saya mengumumkan....saye nak join contest ini!!!hohoho

kliklah banner diatas untuk sampai ke blog tuan punya yang anjurkan contest ni...;-)

This giveaway is open for followers only, so you have to be follower of both Heartlicious Design and Fizza Closet


Post about this giveaway on your blog (you have to copy the code at the bottom of the post). Post only to the blog where you want me to design. (For example, not at you GA blog). If you've done this, let me know by leaving the link of your blog post inHeartlicious Design's comment section.

Two lucky winners, yes you're right, TWO WINNERS will receive:

CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN {Luscious Standard}

Their choice of two Individual Items {Singlicious}.

SPECIAL GIFTS from my lovely sponsor Fizza Closet! See details below!

The Total Value of the prizes is RM260+ (RM130+ each).
See, it's worth it!

Now here it is. These are what you'll get from my generous sponsor, Fizza Closet!

Each winner will get a shawl, a lycra neck-cover inner, a clip and a special flower accessory! Aren't they pretty? Please check out her blogshop for more fabulous shawls and accessories. Thank you Fizza Closet!
Giveaway nie berlangsung sehingga 26 June 2011

owh.....shawl 2 pun cantik kan3?????OMG!!!


Rose said...

Terima kasih sudi join Custom Blog Design Giveaway, Buat Post dan Follow Heartlicious Design!!

Tapi dear, rasanya penyertaan belum complete sbb ada syarat yang belum dibuat:
#1 Follow blog Fizza Closet

Good luck! Kalau dah buat, let me know k ;)

Rose said...

aRSHieDa NaBiLa, Terima kasih kerana join Custom Blog Design Giveaway!
Your entry has been accepted. Good luck! ;)